Regulat® is being used in some of the finest clinics in Europe for biological medicine.

"Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle is the largest clinic for biological medicine and dentistry in central Europe and has a healing tradition of over 50 years. We have intensively used Regulat® for several years for the following purposes:

  • Acid base regulation: Acid base regulation occurs due to the (dextro-rotary) lactic acid in Regulat® stimulating the anaerobic intestinal flora. Regulat® stimulates this anaerobic flora (lactofilus/bifidus/bacteroides bacteria) to multiply. Anaerobic flora of the intestines improve deacidification and detoxification.
  • Probiotic effect: Darkfield examination of Regulat® shows that there are Prosymbiontic stages of bacteria present in Regulat®. These can develop like Probiotics in the intestines, into life-supporting bacteria.
  • Enzymes: Regulat® contains Proteolytic and digestive enzymes, produced and extracted by the fermentation process. Therefore Regulat® has a local intestinal antiinflammatory effect.

"All in all, Regulat® is one of the most active products for rebuilding intestinal harmony, especially the intestinal flora and acid base metabolism."
~ Dr. Thomas Rau MD, Chief Physician, Paracelsus Clinic

"Regulat® which is an enzyme rich extract of fermented fruits and vegetables has outperformed heparin in our own trials. Lumbrokinase is far more effective than Nattokinase. Both appear weak when compared to Regulat®.
~ Dr. D. Klinghardt Lyme Disease: A Look Beyond Antibiotics

"I have been using Regulat® in my practice for about 1 year with great satisfaction of my patients. I use it as a free radical neutralizer for cancer and autoimmune system diseases. After using Regulat® for about 1 week many patients are noticing increased energy and a sense of well-being. I am pleased to have the opportunity to add this wonderful phytonutrient to my practice."
~ H. Chandler Clark, M.D., Cardiology, Internal Medicine and Nutrition

"I use Regulat® to help detoxify the body during Ayurveda treatments. It is excellent to help cleanse the body in a natural way."
~ Prakash R.E. Madari , M.D., Ayurveda. Lelystad, The Netherlands

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